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Courageous Business Culture

is dedicated to creating a valuable return by improving the business culture of our clients.

We help organizations develop productive leaders, teams, and strategies that produce measurable results and efficiencies.

The Courageous Business Culture (CBC) is a People. Potential. Performance. Productivity. consultancy specializing in Employee Engagement, Coaching, and Change Management. Our mission is to help our clients build an environment where every individual has the resources to maximize their potential by being productive and inspired, so they can be engaged in their work.

Our approach is to partner with key stakeholders, to understand the business context and challenges of the organization. We then develop customized solutions for each client to solve the problems and accelerate progress that leads to achieving a desired result. 


Hire and/or Train Managers Who Give Employees a Confident, Productive, and Engaged Workplace! 

president, ceo

Akeela B. Davis

Business Owner, Employee Engagement Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker.

Lives her values. Is passionate about the human experience!

Her philosophy is: "Live your values. Help, not harm, others. Explore your passions and enjoy where they take you."

That philosophy is evident from her background: 

  • Graduated in Computer Science (tech field for 12 years)

  • 17 years as a Business Owner in an Award-Winning career as a Financial Advisor, which included starting (with a partner) The Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists.

The vision for her newest company Courageous Business Culture: A better, happier world where Individuals, Teams and Organizations are working with their motivations to achieve their own potential; performing at a level they find fulfilling and producing results that will benefit others, as well as themselves.

She enjoys reading, travelling, spending time with family and friends, as well as speaking and volunteering as a mentor for organizations such as Women in Leadership, Women in Cloud, Forum for Women's Entrepreneurs, and Women in Tech. 

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Farida Mostajabi, PHD

Statistician & Data Scientist 
Akeela did a group debrief  of the Motivational Maps for us. It was amazing that she was specifically addressing feelings I had been struggling with for you years, without understanding why, or what do about the way I felt. After the session, I immediately booked an appointment with her.

Hamid S.

Working with you and the Motivational Map made me rethink the direction of my life and career. You knew me so well by the end, it helped me to understand how I would feel better about myself and my life, if I try to fulfill my Motivators.

Robyn McTague
Akeela was my trainer and mentor as a Motivational Map Practitioner. Her depth of knowledge was amazing and she continues to provide amazing ongoing support.