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Enlightened self-interest - The only way to grow your business in an efficient and effective manner, is to give your clients what they want, in the shortest time possible. People pay for results. People pay more for faster results.

If your job position, or career, depends on you helping people to achieve their desired results, then Motivational Maps is a one-of-a-kind, exciting new tool for your toolbox.

There is no other product like it on the market. Motivational Map gives you amazingly accurate insights into what is driving and blocking your clients, in one session. You can then employ your skills to get quicker, meaningful, results for your clients. Can you picture what this can do for your business?

The best practitioners are those who have or had a business working one-on-one with clients, or some sort of consultancy, or have the desire and network to own a successful business. They are usually confident, self-motivated, and define success as achieving financial success for themselves and hellping their clients suceed in achieving their goals.

Get certified at the right level for you:.

Licensed Practitioner: Motivational Maps Essentials Certification

This foundational program is for those who work one-on-one with individuals in various types of coaching or counseling capacity.

Practitioners in this group include career coaches, marketing coaches, couple's counselor, financial advisors, life coaches, leadership coaches, among others.

Licenced Practitioner: Motivational Maps Advanced Certification

Building on the foundational program, this program is designed for those working with groups and teams, where the goal for them is increased harmony, productivity and/or engagement.

Practitioners consists of business coaches and consultants, those involved in engagement and culture, team coaches, executive and leadership coaches, change management specialist, and the like.

Business Practitioner (BP) Licenced Certification

In addition to providing Map related services to individuals and companies, a Business Practitioner is licensed to recruit, train, and certify new Licensed Practitioners in Motivational Map business model.

If you have the experience or the determination, you can Motivational Maps the foundation of your business success, by building your own team of Licensed Practitioners

Ideally BP have previous experience in people management and development and want to create and lead strong teams of consultants, coaches and/or trainers; and have a strong desire to provide great support and customer service.


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