Courage Business Culture evaluations are based on what employees are feeling, not thinking.    

Definitions of Employee engagement:

"The extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work"… Custom Insight 

"Emotional connection an employee feels toward his or her employment organization"….

"Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals"… Kevin Kruse

Why then, are almost ALL engagement surveys built on thinking questions, when it is about how employees feel towards their organizations?

Our survey is affect based, meaning it looks at motivation, emotions, values and preferences of the person taking it.

We, therefore, provide the HR intelligence to facilitate informed decisions on meaningful strategies for Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture.



Organizational Culture Consulting

Culture Evaluations provides a unique insight, since the health of a culture is based on how employees feel about how their organizations do things.
This Evaluation may include the whole company, or a representative sampling, to provide insights into:

  • Organizational values as lived by management and employees
  • Attitude and ability to change
  • Operational drivers
  • Reward Strategy effectiveness
  • Current or potential departmental conflicts
  • Potentially costly problems-in-waiting

Engagement Consulting  

Engagement is based on how employees feel about, or perceive, what they are doing, how they are treated, and their fit within their team/company. Our toolbox includes one key assessment used to measures the affective (feeling) part of the mind, and produce tangible results on motivation, intensity, and satisfaction and engagement.

Engagement Reports may include individual teams, departments, regions or any configuration desired.

Features of Engagement Reports

  • Are relatively inexpensive to implement;
  • Is subtle and reveals both specifics and trends;
  • The information can immediately be acted upon and has a direct bearing on the staff and the teams in a way that no staff survey can.

Benefits of Engagement Consulting  

  • Team effectiveness audit – an objective measure of team performance / productivity.
  • Team building –
    • Alignment of team’s motivation to its purpose1
    • Validate diversity required in high performance teams
  • Toxic Teams –
    • identify motivational conflicts creating tension
    • educate team on how each dimension contribute to team excellence
    • Provide the language and education for team to communicate with each other, to be heard, and to engender respect
  • Change Management – identifying resistors and ensure they get the support they need to help them accept and embrace change

TEAM level