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“I have used Motivation Maps for the last year and a half with all of my clients. As a career and life coach I have found it to be the best benchmark to measure my clients progress, which can sometimes be difficult to show in a quantifiable way. I also use the maps as a lead generation tool which has been extremely beneficial in getting clients not only in the door but also a better understanding of who they are during the sales process. The maps tell a story about my clients and it really gets them opening up and sharing with me.”

Christopher Lawrence Change my life coaching, CEO and dream job matchmaker

“I found that the motivational factor is often forgotten from many of the assessment in psychometric assessment process. Although most of the assessment are focus on the emotional, personality and skills set of a person, it often ignores the fact that motivation is one of the most important aspect in a person success. After taking this motivational assessment I knew and learned a lot about myself and how to keep myself motivated in the work that I’m doing. Moreover, this motivational assessment, may give an edge to company in determining their employees for their comparing to the culture and the nature of the job given by the company.

I truly recommend that everyone had a chance to take this self-assessment for themselves as a self-discovering tools and learn what their dominant motivation and values, in order to help them excel in their job, career and personal life.”

Ricky Antonio BBA (Hons), MBA, MScIB Mindzzle (developing integrated Human Capital), CEO

“Akeela brings into every business growth conversation brilliant insight, practical learnings and the power to strategies the right way for your business. Being in touch with Akeela on a regular basis as a business coach is one investment I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level”.

Sylvie C Mindicious, Australia

“Working with Akeela Davis’s Motivation Map Team has helped me grow professionally and personally, and it has been such a privilege being a part of this wonderful group. Akeela is very dedicated to helping me succeed, to gain clarity and build confidence while creating a business I can be proud of.  Working alongside of Akeela is an uplifting experience. Akeela’s ability to trust, share her business savvy and abundance of knowledge has had a profound effect on my own professional growth and has given me wings to fly even higher. The time spent working with this generous mentor has further strengthen my presentation skills, critical thinking skills, and leadership skills. Akeela takes all of her business practitioner’s under her wing and the best part is, we all know we can always count on her to help us get our business moving in the most effective and proactive ways. Working with Akeela, I am given the opportunity to challenge myself, to go above and beyond, and to constantly push myself to improve the ways in which I deliver my products and services. I can confidently say that I have grown as a person thanks to my experiences on Akeela’s Motivation Map team and I will forever be thankful for all the learning and business growth opportunities she has helped me achieve, and the ongoing friendship I have gained from this amazing mentor!”


Connie Cook, Licensed Business Practitioner, Motivational Maps

Connie Cook Licensed Practitioner, Business Practitioner